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Spectrum Award

April 27, 2016

Spectrum 5 Star Award

Friedman's Shoe store is being honored as a winner of the 2016 spectrum award for service excellence! View our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Rating online at link below.


February 12, 2016

Talk of the Town

They once arrived by the busload, dozens of NBA players and other notable athletes, ducking their heads as they disembarked and entered the nondescript shoe shop on Mitchell Street in downtown Atlanta...


February 10, 2016

Torre's 30 for 30 - Around the Horn

"Bruce’s story about [former NBA star] Antoine Walker unapologetically spending a total of $28,000 so he could keep two identical shoe collections in two homes."– Pablo S. Torre on one of the scenes that did not make the final cut of “Friedman’s Shoes”

Complex Sneakers

February 8th, 2016

ESPN 30 for 30

ESPN's 30 for 30 series has gained popularity thanks to its in-depth examinations of stories that haven't been completely explained before. The latest tale to be told is of Friedman's Shoes...

USA Today

January 25, 2000

If The Shoe Fit, Its Friedman's

At Friedman's there is no question about it. It's definitely the shoes. Just ask Shaquille O'Neal, Rik Smits, Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen or just about anybody who has played in the NBA the last 30 years...


December 29, 1998

NBA Lock Out

An NBA lockout can really foul up the sales of $850 alligator skins, especially in size 17. This season, like most in recent memory, could have been larger-than-life for Atlanta-based Friedman's Shoes

Sports Illustrated

February 4th, 2005

Big Foot Sighting

Shaquille O'neal (Size 22D) has been a customer since he was 14. Don King spent $64,000 on a spree in 1995, and Oprah has done 3 segments on the store. For more than 30 years...

Creative Loafing

February 12, 2016

Friedman's in ESPN 30 for 30

The latest installment of ESPN’s “30 for 30” includes a series of five documentary shorts. The first one focuses on Atlanta retail store Friedman’s Shoes...


December 24, 2005

NBA Players Dress for Success

With the new NBA dress code mandating business-casual attire, some players are trading sweat suits for tailored suits. But where does a really tall guy shop for clothes?

Rich Addicks

January 30th, 2003

Tall Orders Are No Problem

Bruce Teilhaber is sitting in what he calls his "Exotic Skins Room." It is actually one of the smallest rooms in Friedman's Shoes, his Mitchell Street store in downtown Atlanta, but it packs perhaps the biggest punch...

David E. Taylor

December 31st, 1999

Fitting Athlete's Feet

When athletes are on the road, the best way for them to pass the time before a game is to shop. Los Angeles has a great place to buy pants. Jewelry prices are good in San Diego. In Atlanta it's shoes, and Friedman's is the place...

Bard Wristley

January 1st 1998

A Perfect Fit

In 1957, Bruce Teilhaber left Brooklyn, NY for Atlanta. Awaiting him were his fiance and a job selling shoes at Friedman's, a store owned by his future father-in-law...

Sports Illustrated

November 6th, 1995

Is it the Shoes?

Absolutely, say the NBA's big feat elite, who have made Friedmans, Atlanta's No-Frills shoe store, their road-trip Mecca for giant-sized footwear...


August 7th, 1995

How to Reach the Major Leagues of Shoe Shopping

As a journalist, you get to walk with giants, which leads to the question: Where do giants buy their shoes? It seems they go to Friedman's Shoes...


June 4, 1995

King Foots $64,100 Bill at Shore Store

At least Don King will have nice shoes to wear in court. Before leaving Atlanta, the flashy boxing promoter, who faces nine counts of wire and insurance fraud in New York, stopped by...


April 15th, 1990

No Business Like Shoe Business

The weathered brick building is nestled among a number of boarded-up shops, just off
the corner of Mitchell and Forsyth streets in downtown Atlanta...


January 1st, 1984

Shoeing the Biggies

Peer into this creepy-looking shoe store at 209 Mitchell Street, and it's hard to believe
that the likes of Willie Mays, Maynard Jackson and Magic Johnson regularly shop here...

Full Article Coming Soon!

The Charlotte Observer

September 12, 1974

Special Remedy For Athletes Foot Problems

Peer into this creepy-looking shoe store at 209 Mitchell Street, and it's hard to believe
that the likes of Willie Mays, Maynard Jackson and Magic Johnson regularly shop here...

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