Date added: 05/03/2013 Hawks 360 Q&A

Bruce and Brett TeilhaberBIG TIME!

A Hawks 360 Q&A with the man who’s filled some very large shoes in Atlanta, BRUCE TEILHABER Friedman’s Shoes in Atlanta was founded in 1929 by Teilhaber’s father-in-law Phillip Friedman and sells shoes from size 8 to 22. Since many of their customers are professional athletes, sports jerseys and memorabila cover nearly every inch of the store walls.


Q: Who’s the first Hawks player that shopped with you?
A: Jumpin’ Joe Caldwell.

Q: What’s the most anyone’s spent in one visit?
A: Don King spent $64,000 on 110 pair of shoes.

Q: What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
A: Mezlan & Bacco Bucci with soft sole and uppers.

Q: What’s the most expensive pair of shoes you’ve ever sold?
A: $1,200 mink-lined alligator boots.

Q: Can you recall the most expensive pair of shoes you sold your first year?
A: $11 in 1958.

Q: Any good Shaq stories?
A: Once he came in with a wig and fake teeth — not a customer stopped him on the street or in  the store!